Bifold Doors in Winter

One question people often ask us is: Should I install bifold doors during the winter, or should I wait until summer? We may be a little biased, but we think winter is a great time to install a Glass Depots Signature Bi-Fold Door System. From the energy efficiency and protection from the elements to the beautiful vistas, the reasons are myriad, so let's explore just a few:

Slim Aluminum Profiles

Our customers install bifold doors to enhance stunning vistas and to seamlessly integrate the interior and exterior of their homes, creating Open Spaces. Slim aluminum profiles and large individual panel sizes—up to 10 feet tall by 4 feet wide—award you with unimpeded views, even when the doors are closed.

Thermally Broken Aluminum

Our door systems are made up of two separate pieces of aluminum joined together with an incredibly strong polyamide midsection that drastically reduces the transfer of heat or cold from the exterior of the frame to the interior. Think of it as a barrier designed to keep your family comfortable. In winter, it reduces the cold temperatures from penetrating to the interior metal; in summer, it reduces the heat from doing the same.

Double-Seal Compression Gasket

As the bifold doors close, a specially designed rubber gasket that lines the outer frame of each door panel compresses together to form a near impenetrable seal.

Cardinal LoE – 366 Double-Pane IG Units

Designed with multiple layers of protection that achieve seemingly paradoxical goals—repelling heat in summer, retaining heat in winter, and filtering out 95% of the sun’s damaging UV rays—Cardinal’s LoE – 366 glass makes the perfect pairing with our bifold door system by providing the ultimate comfort, with absolutely no effect on visibility. Our customers want crystal-clear glass, and this is how we ensure they get it.

Also worth mentioning is that most of our installations take only six hours to complete, so you can be certain that your home will be sealed up with an elegant and energy-efficient Glass Depots Signature Bi-Fold Door System by day’s end.

Why wait? Call us today to design your dream vista.