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Bi-Fold Patio Doors Bring The Outside In For Raleigh Homeowners

Bi-Fold Patio Doors Bring The Outside In For Raleigh Homeowners

Here in Raleigh, the summer weather has us all racing to spend more time outdoors as well as searching for new ways to bring the outside in. Sure, we can open the windows in our homes to achieve a refreshing al fresco feel – but sometimes it’s just not enough. For homeowners throughout the Greater Raleigh region, an aluminum bi-fold door placed off of the patio proves the perfect solution.

Are Aluminum Bi-Fold Doors The Right Design Choice For Your Home?

An aluminum bi-fold door has several connected panels that fold together and stack neatly as the system slides open, making it feel more like a securely-hinged, mobile wall than an actual door. Bi-fold doors effortlessly walk the home décor line between well-crafted, durable functionality and dazzling visual design, making them an ideal option in a multitude of applications. However, placing bi-fold doors on a peripheral wall off of your patio instantly delivers aesthetic boost and seamlessly connects your interior and exterior spaces while maintaining your home’s security.

Beyond bringing the outside in, an aluminum bi-fold door connected to your patio offers an impressive range of design ideas, inspirations, and benefits, including:

Makes Space Feel Bigger

Doors and walls impede flow and overall spatial feel. Adding aluminum bi-fold doors instantly gives the illusion of having more room in your interior and your patio. You can actually style both sections as one large, continuous space by setting up sitting areas with complimenting patterns and designs on each side of your bi-fold doors.

Color Versatility

Bi-fold doors often come in three standardized stock colors (silver, black, and white). However, an exceptional glass distributor will have the ability to custom-order your system in a wide selection of tones from the RAL color palette, to suit your existing interior and patio décor as well as your personal taste. Bi-fold doors provide a bold frame that showcases the beauty of what lies on both sides of the glass.

Impressive Functionality

Yes, you want to see the great outdoors from inside your home – but you don’t always want to feel the great outdoors, particularly on poor weather days. Bi-fold door systems are both secure and weathertight, allowing you to quickly open and close them as needed when the temperature changes. Not that into pesky insects?  Custom screen systems are also available for bi-fold doors.

Increased Property Value

Bi-fold doors offer more than a gorgeous focal point to your space; a quality system can also increase the value of your property, making it the ultimate interior design solution.

Contact Glass Depots or visit their showroom, where all their aluminum bi-fold doors are custom made in their factory in Raleigh, NC, to learn more about using aluminum bi-fold doors for your residential or commercial space. Or, connect with them online for a no-risk price quote.

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