Why Do Edges of a Mirror Turn Black?

The Science Behind Your Mirror If your mirror is turning black around the edges, you’re observing a chemical reaction in your home. Mirrors add a classic touch to every room, but unfortunately, they are not immune to the wear and tear of time. Black edges detract from the beauty of your mirror, which… Read More »

Differences in Tempered Glass and Laminated Glass

What is the difference between tempered and laminated glass? When safety is a primary concern, tempered glass is typically used. This type of glass is commonly used in doors and windows, but does have other applications. If it is broken, it shatters into smaller, less harmful fragments. It is manufactured by heating then… Read More »

Why do insulated or thermal glass units fog up?

All insulated units will eventually fail. Insulated glass is made using two pieces of glass bonded together with a spacer creating an air space in the center that produces the insulation. Even when properly installed, heat, cold, expansion, contraction, UV-rays and moisture eventually cause seal failure. Glass Depots provides a limited 5 year… Read More »

What is the best cleaner for glass and mirrors?

There are many good brands on the market. We sell an aerosol can that produces a foam- spray on and wipe off. Most economical glass cleaner is a mixture of 1/3 white vinegar and 2/3 water- wipe with newspaper. The newspaper does not leave lint on the glass. On mirrors do NOT use… Read More »