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Modernize Your Home With Custom Glass Tables

Modernize Your Home With Custom Glass Tables

Glass tables can make any room in your home feel instantly more contemporary and modern. In dining rooms, they’re sleek, smooth and reflect light beautifully — creating the perfect ambiance for your next dinner party. In living rooms, they accent your decor and visually expand your space, making it feel more open and bright.

Ultraglass TableAt Glass Depots, we offer custom glass tables in several varieties. Interested in investing in a custom glass table for your home? Read on for a few of the things you’ll need to consider along the way.

First, choose your shape.

The beauty about working with Glass Depots? We can customize your new glass table to the exact shape and size you envision. Whether you want yours square, rectangle, circular, oval or a completely custom shape, we can make it happen. See examples from our project gallery here!

How do I know what glass thickness I will need?

We fabricate glass tabletops in different levels of thickness, ranging from 3/4″ to 3/16″. The thickness level you need will depend on a few things. If you’re investing in a glass tabletop or a protective table cover, one of the thinner glass levels will work well as your glass will be reinforced by the structure of the table itself. However, if your glass is the only piece of the table top and/or will be supporting heavy objects, you’ll need a thicker glass for added backing. See the difference in each size below!

Diagram of Glass Thickness Levels


What kind of glass edges will look best?

Once you know the shape of your table and the thickness of the glass you’ll need, you also have several options for what kind of edge cut you want around the perimeter of your glass, which will give your table added panache. With the flat polish edge, you achieve a sophisticated yet minimalistic look. With the beveled edge, one of our most popular, you get a dramatic and modern look with the edge of the glass cut and polished at a defined angle. An ogee edge offers even more decorative flare, with a rounded edge and a smaller ledge on top. And with the pencil polish edge, you have a clean, neat edge that’s simple yet classic. See examples of each type below!

Glass With Flat Polish EdgeGlass with Beveled EdgeGlass Ogee EdgePencil Polish Edge Glass

Those are just a few of the things to consider when investing in a glass table for your home. With custom glass, the decoration options are virtually endless!

Are you ready to modernize your space? We serve customers in Raleigh, Cary, Apex, Durham and surrounding areas. Contact Glass Depots today to get started on your next custom glass project!

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