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New Year, New Bathroom: Update Your Space to Ring in 2014

New Year, New Bathroom: Update Your Space to Ring in 2014

2014 is just around the corner, and with a new year comes new opportunities. Have you been meaning to tackle that outdated bathroom project? Maybe you’ve been putting off replacing a cracked mirror. There’s no better time than the New Year to tick these resolutions off your list!

Create the oasis you’ve been seeking with a custom shower enclosure, or a beautiful new mirror. Whether you’re looking to renew your bathroom from head to toe, or simply want to update one piece, the ideas below can give you some big inspiration.

Upgrade Your Shower

Framed Shower EnclosureThe easiest way to freshen your bathroom? Start by updating one major focal point – your shower. With custom glass enclosures, you can make your space feel like a paradise that was tailor-made, just for you.  The best part is that you can choose from basic shower enclosures, all the way to high-luxury, heavy-frameless enclosures that leave a lasting impression. More about your options:

Framed and Semi-Frameless: Framed shower enclosures are outlined by metal in all areas, including around the door. In a framed shower enclosure, you will be able to see quite a bit of metal surrounding your enclosure, however it is the least expensive option if you’re working in a budget! In a semi-frameless shower enclosure, everything will be outlined by metal framing, except for the door. The door will remain frame-free, providing semi-frameless shower enclosures with a bit more freedom than full-framed enclosures. A moderate pricing option, semi-frameless enclosures are a great option if you’re looking for the best of both worlds!

Heavy-Frameless: Heavy-Frameless shower enclosures are an absolutely beautiful option if you are looking to give your bathroom the most luxurious feeling possible. Our heavy-frameless shower enclosures are built mostly of custom glass, and require little visible metal, leaving your shower with a beautiful, clear appearance. Though a more expensive option, if you want to leave a lasting impression on guests, or simply want to feel like you’ve stepped into a spa during your daily routine, heavy-frameless showers are well-worth the investment.


Reflect Your Style

Vanity MirrorYou don’t have to invest in a brand-new shower to give your bathroom a makeover for the new year. Another great option to revitalize your space is to add a custom mirror, designed by you. Adding a mirror to your bathroom can be as easy as putting up a new vanity mirror to use daily, or as grand as covering your wall in mirrors to create the illusion of space. We have outlined a few great custom mirror options for your new look.

Update Your Vanity: A vanity mirror can be your go-to space for putting on your makeup, or tying a tie before a big event. A classic option, vanity mirrors are essential to your daily routine, and should be as clear and custom-made as you need.

Framed MirrorAdd an Accent Mirror: A beautifully framed mirror can not only make a room feel larger, but it adds personality and a touch of design to an area that may need it. Decorative mirrors come in all shapes and sizes, with custom framing options, so that the possibilities are nearly endless!

Whether you’re looking to completely change your space, or just want to freshen it up a bit in the new year, custom glass can truly make a difference. Should you find yourself taking the leap and ready to tackle that project you’ve been hoping to get to, contact us at Glass Depots to cover all of your custom glass needs.

Best wishes for a prosperous New Year! If you update your bathroom in celebration, make sure to share your photos!


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