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12 Important Design Tips for Custom Glass Shower Enclosures

You’ve finally made the decision – it’s time to upgrade your out-of-date shower with a new custom glass enclosure! Be prepared to see your bathroom in a whole new light, with more open space and a modern look! Before you get started, though, you will want to make yourself familiar with the aesthetic… Read More »

How to Clean, Protect & Maintain Your Glass Table

Glass table tops help to add an unparalleled touch of elegance to any room. With the right care and maintenance, you can easily extend the life of your table and keep your glass looking new for many years to come. Here are our best tips for caring and maintaining glass and mirror surfaces… Read More »

Differences in Tempered Glass and Laminated Glass

What is the difference between tempered and laminated glass? When safety is a primary concern, tempered glass is typically used. This type of glass is commonly used in doors and windows, but does have other applications. If it is broken, it shatters into smaller, less harmful fragments. It is manufactured by heating then… Read More »

5 Ways to Keep Your Glass Shower Clean

Showering everyday. It’s part of our routine. Your shower is your own personal space where you can wash off the troubles of the day. While you’re getting clean, however, your shower is slowly getting dirty. How do you keep your glass shower enclosure sparkling clean? Try these helpful tips: Shower Cleaning Tips 1…. Read More »

3 Tips To Update Your Bathroom For Spring

Springtime is finally here, and with it has arrived the warmer weather the Triangle’s been seeking for months now. Because spring is such a beautiful time of transformation, it’s only right to reflect that transition in your living space. Update your home’s bathroom for springtime in the Triangle with these tips! What better portion… Read More »

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