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Why Buy a Custom Mirror?

Why Buy a Custom Mirror?

Custom Mirrors

When it comes to design it can be a challenge to picture what certain elements can do for the aesthetics and functionality of your home. Rearranging furniture, or adding something as simple as a mirror can do wonders for your space. As a homeowner, ensuring that your home is customized to meet your needs is important.

One element of design you can use if you want to refresh your space is a mirror. Whether predesigned or completely customized to your tastes, a mirror can serve many purposes    in your home. We’ve compiled a few ways that adding a custom-designed mirror can  benefit your space.

Three Ways to Use a Custom Mirror

  1. To Add Functionality – Adding a custom mirror to your bathroom can increase the functionality of your space. Are you constantly competing with a spouse or child for time at the mirror? Adding a larger mirror to your space can fix this problem. Need a mirror by the front door for the last-minute glance? With custom mirrors you can pick exactly which size and style will add functionality, and fit the design of your home. The best part is, with custom mirrors, adding functionality doesn’t have to mean sacrificing design.
  2. To Create the Illusion of Space – Mirrors can add depth to a room. If you have a room that looks particularly small and cramped, adding a mirror may make it feel more open. Many businesses use mirrors to create an open and inviting feel to their customers, but this can be applied in residential situations as well. Add a wall of mirrors to a closet, or a vanity mirror above a dresser in a smaller bedroom and you may find yourself feeling less cramped than ever.
  3. Decoratively – Mirrors don’t just serve useful purposes, they can also be used simply for design. Adding a beautiful mirror, with a custom frame can put that finishing touch on a bedroom, or fill that empty space above a fireplace. With custom mirrors, the decorative options are truly endless.
Custom Mirrors

 So if you have been looking to refresh your space, but don’t know exactly what to  do,  consider using a custom  mirror to reinvigorate your home without completely  renovating it.

 At Glass Depots we have all the right tools to  cover  your custom glass needs.  Contact us today to learn  more about our custom mirrors and see what we  can do for  you, or check out our gallery for inspiration!

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