Choosing the Right Shower Enclosure for Your Space

The shower is a focal point in virtually any bathroom. Don’t squander its design potential with a drab curtain. Install a glass shower enclosure to optimize visual appeal and accentuate the other features in the space.

Which Shower Enclosure Is Right For Your Bathroom?

Of course, deciding you want to upgrade to a glass shower enclosure is only the first step in the process. You also have to decide which glass system to install. There are countless styles, and layouts to consider as you navigate through the decision-making process. Knowing some of the most popular looks can ensure you pick a model with staying power.


Frameless glass shower systems are everywhere. A frameless product is sleek, sophisticated, and ultra-versatile, proving they are more than just a passing fad. Most frameless models offer custom layouts, making them an ideal solution for hard-to-fit shower spaces. Additionally, frameless models have limited fixtures and hardware to match, allowing them to effortlessly complement virtually any existing décor. Best of all, the glass on these products is a snap to clean if you opt for a finish that repels water and soap build-up.


Framed enclosures offer an affordable, high style shower system solution. Semi-Frameless showers are sturdy, creating a good seal between the water in your shower and the rest of your bathroom. Choose a modern metallic finish for a stylish look in your space.


Love the look of glass but feel you’re a little tight on space? Go for a sliding glass door system in your shower. The sliding feature means you can enjoy the beauty of a glass enclosure in smaller spaces that won’t accommodate a swinging door.


Many homeowners assume that having a tub means being stuck with a shower curtain. Not true. Once again, customization is the key to a successful renovation. Work with a professional glass installation firm to discuss the exact dimensions for a design that offers a sleek look and fit.

Single Paned

Rather than a full enclosure, many homeowners are opting for a single glass panel that looks stylish and modern. Best of all, taking up less space in the shower with glass affords a little more elbow room for you.

Tile & Glass

When it comes to mixing tile and glass for a final shower look, if you can dream it, they can build it. Incorporating a frameless glass shower door with surrounding tile walls creates visual interest in the room and serves as a design starting point for the rest of the bathroom.


Still need help deciding? Check out our Shower Door Framing Styles Guide for more info!


Once you’ve chosen your enclosure, consult with a local glass installation professional to discuss various glass options that deliver both the look and privacy levels you want in your bathroom. Contact Glass Depots today for more information.