Best Practices for Cleaning, Protecting and Maintaining Your Glass Tables

Glass tabletops help to add an unparalleled touch of elegance to any room. With the right care and maintenance, you can easily extend the life of your table and keep your glass looking new for many years to come. Here are our best tips for caring and maintaining glass and mirror surfaces to maximize your investment.

What is the Best Cleaner for Glass and Mirrors?

There are many great options for streak-free glass cleaning. The most budget-friendly option is simple: mix one part white vinegar with two parts water and apply directly to the glass, then wipe with a newspaper to prevent lint on the glass. If you prefer commercial options, look for light aerosol foam cleaners—these should leave your glass sparkling with a simple spray and wipe.

What Types of Cleaner Damage Glass?

Abrasives, and cleaners with ammonia or acid should never be used on a mirror surface. These cleaners can destroy the silver backing and edges of your mirror, causing damage commonly known as “black edge.” In addition, you will probably want to avoid using paper towels, as these can leave unsightly lint behind.

Why Does My Glass Streak When I Clean It?

For starters, consider the type of glass cleaner you’re using. Many cleaners leave residue which may leave streaks when it dries. A quality cleaner will leave nothing behind after evaporating. Secondly, make sure to use an absorbent towel. If it is not absorbing enough you’ll be merely moving the moisture around on the surface.

How Can I Get Rid of Glass Streaks?

If your towels aren’t getting the job done, consider using newspaper! Crumpled newspaper does a great job absorbing the glass cleaner and leaving a lint-free finish. In addition, avoid cleaning your windows in direct sunlight, as this can dry the surface too quickly and potentially cause streaking.

Which Way Should I Wipe My Glass Table?

Cleaning your glass table has less to do with the direction of your cleaning motion and more about maintaining an even pressure as you swipe. Swiping horizontally or vertically will clean your glass table efficiently.

How Do I Maintain the “New Glass” Glow?

If you take proper care of your glass, you can keep it in pristine condition for years to come. Take care to avoid placing objects with sharp corners or rough bases as these can scratch and dull the surface over time. For glass dining room tables, make sure to use coasters and placemats whenever possible. Finally, clean your glass regularly to eliminate dust and fingerprints and reduce a smudgy appearance.