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Glass Bi-Fold Doors

Aluminum Glass Bi-Fold Doors

Glass Depots installs bi-fold doors for both commercial and residential spaces throughout North Carolina. Our sharp, personable technicians have a wealth of experience with this style of door installation and can help you add a creative flare to your business or home.

What Are Bi-Fold Doors?

A bi-fold door is a door system whose panels fold together and stack as it slides. This kind of door model is typically used to connect an interior space to an outdoor space, such as a kitchen to a patio. Bi-folds can have anywhere between two to seven panels, all of which are connected via hinges and attached to rollers at the top or bottom of the door frame.

Are Bi-Fold Doors Right For Me?

Bi-fold doors from Glass Depots are an ideal accent for any location because they add versatility – allowing you to not only maximize your interior, but to also engage with the exterior space surrounding your property. They can provide a modern and unique, yet simple feel to any area.

Advantages of Folding Glass Doors

There are many reasons to choose a bi-fold glass door for your space, here are a few of their best features:

Revitalize Your Space Today!

If you’re interested in rejuvenating the look, feel and functionality of your space, bi-fold doors from Glass Depots could be what you’ve been searching for. Contact us today for a free in-home consultation with one of our glass door experts! We look forward helping you enhance your living area!

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