Door & Window Manufacturing

With a focus on top-tier quality and innovative design and engineering, Glass Depots’ custom aluminum door and window systems offer myriad possibilities to create Expansive Views and Open Spaces.

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Benefits of Glass Depot’s Commercial Products

Local manufacturing with expert installation

Premium custom pieces at an affordable price

Highest-quality, globally sourced aluminum extrusions and hardware

Over 30 years of experience

Door and Window Manufacturing FAQs

What types of glass are available?

1″, Low-E insulated glass units are typically installed in our bi-fold doors; however, a full range of glass types and colors are available.

What are the lead times for your Door or Window systems?

Generally, we are able to build and install a set of doors or windows in about 4 weeks. Whole-house door and window packages can be completed in roughly 8 weeks.

How do I get a quote and place an order?

Call us at (919) 255-9898 or email us at info@glassdepots.com.

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