Bifold Finishes, Hardware, Thresholds, and Glass

Bifold Finishes, Hardware, Thresholds, and Glass

Bifold doors from Glass Depots come in a variety of finishes, with several hardware, threshold, and glass options available, allowing you to create a unique feature that fits perfectly with the aesthetic of your home or business.

Choosing the Right Finish

Our bifold door frames and hardware come in a variety of standard finishes that we carry in stock for quick turnaround times. In addition, we can custom order your bifold doors in any RAL finish, but special order items come with a 4-5 week waiting period. 

Our standard bifold frame finish options (front to back): Black Anodized, Clear Anodized, Grey (painted), White (painted)

Our standard bifold hardware finish options (left to right): White, Black, Grey and Brushed Satin

RAL Color Options

You can view  a complete list of available RAL color options here:

Threshold Options

Our bifold doors can be built using one of four different threshold styles to accommodate the needs of your installation.

This threshold sits on your subfloor and raises up to the exact height of your interior finished floor, creating a seamless transition between your interior space and the threshold. We can use a small aluminum ramp to meet the floor on the exterior. 

This threshold sits below your subfloor and rises up beyond your finished floor to add an additional seal between the doors and your indoor space. A small transition strip matching you floor can be installed on the inside to meet your interior finished floor. This application is typically used with a step down to an outdoor deck or patio.

This threshold sits directly on top of your finished floor eg. a concrete floor, with aluminum ramps on either side to meet the interior and exterior floors without a trip hazard. This application offers a simple solution that can be used without alterations to the existing floor.

This threshold offers our most seamless transition between spaces. It can be used when your finished interior and exterior floors are exactly the same height. The threshold can be set down between the interior and exterior floors or can be cut into a solid concrete floor that spans your interior and exterior spaces without an elevation change.

Work with your contractor

The threshold style you prefer may have implications on the build process. We recommend that you talk to your contractor about this before work begins so that all options remain available to you. If needed, we are happy to talk to your contractor to ensure that the proper planning is in place for the threshold of your choice.

Glass Options

Our bifold doors are built using 1 inch thick insulated units made of tempered safety glass for maximum strength and security. We can accommodate a variety of different glass types to meet your preferences. In most cases, we can assess the windows in your home or business and order glass to match what you already have installed.   

For maximum energy efficiency, we highly recommend the use of Cardinal LoĒ³-366 glass. LoĒ³ glass regulates heat generated from sunlight to reduce temperatures in summer and provides an insulated barrier from the cold in winter.   

When privacy is a concern, we offer a premium add on to have blinds installed inside of your sealed glass units. This special order option typically adds 4-5 weeks to our standard turnaround time. 

Need help choosing a style?

Having trouble deciding on a finish for your doors? Check out our design tips to help you decide. [create blog post, add link]

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