Shower Door Framing Styles

What is a Heavy Frameless shower?

Our frameless glass shower enclosures are constructed of ⅜” or ½” tempered glass.  Thicker glass allows for less frame / metal and can support itself better without being flimsy. A configuration with two wall-mounted hinges & U-channel has a nice clean look. The lack of bulky metal framing gives our frameless shower a sleek, contemporary look, making it a popular option for homeowners looking to completely remodel their bathroom.  

Benefits of Frameless Glass Shower Doors

  • Customizable design options. Our frameless showers are custom-made, giving you the flexibility to create the look you want. Choose from our wide selection of styles, sizes and design options.
  • Minimalist, modern appearance. Without heavy metal framing to obstruct the view, our frameless shower offers a seamless, clean look. Show off unique design elements like intricate tiling, charming stonework and sparkling hardware.
  • Easier to clean. The lack of frame minimizes the risk of water build-up, which can grow mold and mildew. No scrubbing is necessary. Simply wipe and squeegee the glass for a crystal clear view. 
  • Spacious and airy. The seamless look of glass allows light to flow better and adds transparency, which creates the impression of more space in your bathroom.

Elegant Look. Modern Upgrade. For a contemporary, clean look, upgrade your bathroom with our heavy frameless shower enclosure. This trending style adds elegance to your space and is easy to maintain—a winning combo for your upcoming bathroom remodel. Get started today!

Options for a Heavy Frameless shower door

What is a Hybrid shower?

A hybrid shower enclosure is a perfect solution for homeowners who desire the look of a frameless shower but cannot install one due to their bathroom’s configuration. It combines a ¼” frameless door with sturdy ⅜” side panels to support the enclosure without a header for a clean, modern appearance. Our hybrid showers enhance any bathroom with its sleek, high-end design.

Benefits of Hybrid Glass Shower Doors

  • Modern alternative. Our hybrid shower offers a frameless look without a header, creating a streamlined, elegant design. 
  • Priced less than the  ⅜” heavy frameless with a “no header” look similar to the heavy frameless.
  • Has a 1” threshold under the door for situations where prevention of water leakage is important and is low-maintenance. 
  • Open and bright. The glass panels offer expanded views and let natural light flow easily so your bathroom feels more spacious. 
  • Creates a better water seal on smaller showers or showers without an inward sloping threshold.

Frameless Look. Smart Alternative. Don’t let installation constraints stop you from achieving the sleek, frameless look you desire. Our hybrid shower enclosure offers a modern appearance even when a frameless shower design won’t work in your space. Create the shower you’ve always envisioned today!

An example of a Hybrid shower door

Quick Tip

Our newest hybrid option is a great alternative to a heavy frameless if cost is a priority.

What is a Semi-Frameless shower?

A semi-frameless shower enclosure is a nice upgrade from a framed shower unit with some features of a heavy frameless like the C-pull handle through the frameless glass door, and silicone butt joints where 2 pieces of glass meet. It is similar to a framed shower because it still requires framing to support 3/16” or ¼” glass. Our semi-frameless showers are perfect for homeowners who want a happy balance between a frameless and framed look and functionality. 

Benefits of Semi-Frameless Glass Shower Doors

  • Light framing. The medium-thick glass is strong enough to maintain structural integrity with only a small amount of metal framing required, providing a more modern, upscale look than a fully framed design.
  • Simple shower door. Similar to a frameless shower, the door has no frame when opened. It also uses a continuous hinge and is fitted with a back-to-back C-pull handle for easy operation. 
  • Unobstructed views. The minimal framing provides enough transparency to see the interior and admire the beautiful tile. 

Blended Look. Perfect Compromise. Get the modern look of a frameless shower at the affordable price of a framed one. Our semi-frameless shower enclosure delivers the ideal combination for homeowners who want it all. Design the shower of your dreams today!

An example of a Semi-Frameless shower door

What is a Framed shower?

A framed glass shower is built with glass 3/16” or 1⁄4” thick and sometimes as thin as 5/32” because a metal frame supports the entire structure. Its affordable cost and functionality make the style a classic option for many homeowners. Customize your shower with our decorative glass options and a variety of frame colors and finishes. Our framed glass showers offer a timeless, formal appearance that looks beautiful in traditional style bathrooms. 

Benefits of Framed Glass Shower Doors

  • Stability. The metal frame provides the structural strength and sturdiness of the unit. 
  • Watertight seal. – Framed shower doors use a full-length magnetic seal on the door strike to prevent leaks. You won’t have to worry about wet, slippery floors.
  • Cost-effective. Because the frame supports the unit, the glass is thinner and lighter. This lowers the cost of framed glass showers, making this style a budget-friendly option.
  • Easy installation. Measurement and installation is easier & less exacting than a frameless shower. 

Classic Look. Appealing Price Tag. Our framed glass shower enclosures offer a traditional look at an affordable price. The bold metal frame puts the spotlight on your beautiful shower and adds a touch of glamour to your bathroom. Start your bathroom remodeling project today!

An example of a Framed shower door

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