Keeping The Bugs Out

Summer is barbecues and baseball, ice cream and swimming pools, cold drinks and long nights on the porch—and in many parts of the country, especially the South, it's bugs of all kinds, especially mosquitoes. So, how do you keep the bugs out if you've transformed your home with the Visionary Series Bi-Fold Door System?

Screened-In Porches

Screened-In Porches are all the rage these days. Whether in new home building or in custom home renovations, adding a screened-in porch or sunroom allows you to experience the transformative nature of bi-fold doors, getting that wide-open feeling that everyone’s after, without the hassle of mosquitoes and other insects making their way inside. The mesh screens allow for air flow and those summer scents of cut-grass and honey-suckle and rain to drift inside—all while offering near-complete protection from insects, giving homeowners the best of both worlds.
Two men install bifold doors

Porch Fans

Porch Fans are second only to screened-in porches for the control of mosquitoes. The flow of air creates a difficult flying environment, and it also increases the dispersion of the carbon dioxide that people emit, which mosquitoes detect and use to guide them to their prey—US!
porch with bifold doors and ceiling fan

Retractable Screens

Retractable Screens offer unrivaled flexibility to you, the homeowner: You’ll get unimpeded wide-open spaces when the weather and insect conditions are right (think early fall and spring) and full screened-in protection when the conditions are wrong (think the height of summer). Retractable screens raise and lower at-will and can be fully electric or manually pulled, depending on your preferences and budget. Recess them into the ceiling of your covered porch or attach them directly to the threshold of the bi-fold opening if recessing them isn’t an option.
Skyview retractable porch screen

Skyview Retractables is our vendor of choice for retractable screen systems. Owner, Erick Bingaman will sort you out with expert advice and installation.

And if you’re just itching to see a retractable screen system in use, come visit our showroom for a demonstration!