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Do It Yourself Options

Do It Yourself Glass Work Options

Glass Depots can offer you many glass, mirror and aluminum products for the do-it–yourself (DIY) person. Many products are too large, too complicated, or require professional tools and experience to measure and install.  However, there are numerous items that can be purchased & collected from our store, or delivered to your home or business for installation by a handyperson or even a layperson.

We can advise you on how to do it yourself, and once we supply you with an explanation of how to install a product, you can evaluate your ability to do it yourself and SAVE on the installation charge (which can vary from $75 to hundreds of dollars per hour). For example, simple shower doors can be installed by a handy person by following written instructions, or a small wall mirror can be fitted on a bathroom vanity backsplash. Simple table tops or glass shelves can be measured, ordered over the telephone, and picked up by the customer to save on measuring and delivery charges.

To be honest, not many people can “do it themselves” when it comes to glass and mirror products. But if you have the confidence to try, we have the confidence to give you the chance to try.

Give us a call, tell us what your glass related project is, and we will advise you on the feasibility of your doing it yourself to save on the installation charges. However honesty is our policy, and in many cases we may not recommend you do it yourself.

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