Tips to Make Your Windowless Bathroom Bigger and Brighter

Recently, Redfin reached out to us for some tips on how to transform a windowless bathroom. Our advice, along with unique tips from other renovation specialists made the cut. Check out the article below!

They say natural light is best, but sometimes having the luxury of a window in your bathroom isn’t always an option. If this is something you are dealing with, you may be looking for workarounds to make your space feel larger and lighter. To help you solve this problem, we reached out to experts from Maple Grove, MN to Vancouver, BC to give us their best tips. From choosing a frameless shower to installing bold wallpaper, check out their best solutions to make your windowless bathroom feel bigger and brighter.

1) Stick with a lighter color pallet and bright lights

Brighter colors reflect light which helps create an illusion of a more spacious and open room. In addition, change your dim light bulbs to brighter LED lights and add more light fixtures around your windowless bathroom. – Paul at Premium Design LLC

2) Install mirrors to give the illusion of space

The reflection principle from a mirror can make the space look more spacious and complement a weak light source. Bright wall colors and a basic white luminous mirror are the basics to make the bathroom look brighter. – HAUSCHEN Home 

3) Bring in custom tiles to enhance the space

Create a window of your own using custom ceramic art tiles, sealed prints, or glass and mixed media. Artwork helps you set the tone of your home, and if it’s the master bath, the art can be more personal. – Bosetti Art Tile

4) Don’t be afraid to go bold with wallpaper

A patterned wallpaper or dark color will make a windowless bathroom look fun and feel out of the ordinary and help you overlook its size. Make sure the lighting is bright and the counter isn’t too cluttered to help your wallpaper shine. – Allison Bhatta

5) Introduce green elements into your windowless bathroom

While they won’t thrive long-term, a pothos or snake plant on a shelf can survive for a few months before taking a break in a sunnier spot. We also love adding a monstera or begonia leaf cutting to a bud vase on the vanity to freshen up the space. Lastly, dried flower arrangements or eucalyptus sprigs in the shower can evoke a connection to the outdoors. – Howlett & Co 

6) Use wooden signs in your design

Consider updating your bathroom decor with original, hand-made, custom wooden signs. These rustic wood signs bring an authentic, cozy farmhouse feel to a windowless bathroom of any shape or size. – Peony Custom Creations

7) Be smart about your tile selection

Do not use busy patterned tiles on the walls of your bathroom. Instead, opt for light and simple colors for your tiles so your windowless bathroom is visually harmonious. Using the same family of tiles on the walls can help open up the room and make everything uniform. – National Tile and Mosaic

8) Design a printed tile panel

Do you have blank wall space in your windowless bathroom? Design and produce a printed ceramic tile panel to transform your enclosed space into a room with a view. Consider what size you need and what design you want, whether you would prefer a forest, beach, lake, or another scene. – Unique Tiles

9) Go with a walk-in shower

Windowless bathrooms have a tendency to make us feel boxed in, but installing a walk-in shower with glass doors will help enhance its appearance to have more space. It visually makes the bathroom feel much larger as well as extends your design all the way to the ceiling. – Bathroom Pros NJ

10) Install a frameless shower

The clean look of a heavy frameless shower enclosure will eliminate bulky hardware that adds visual breaks to sightlines. With a warm-colored ceiling light above, you can make the glass pop, creating an area of its own within the bathroom. Large wall mirrors create the illusion of space while also reflecting all available light into those harder-to-reach corners of the room. – Glass Depots

11) Try a dark bronze frame to redefine a space

Having a shower enclosure will create the illusion of a wider space and uncluttered view. Although the frameless-glass look is popular, a dark bronze or black metal-framed shower enclosure can also redefine the space with its mullions and rich color, while creating a focal point that’ll distract anyone from even noticing there’s no window.

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