Shower Door Installations: Glass Depots, Inc. warrants material and workmanship on the installation of its showers for a period of one (1) year from the date of installation.

Shower Hardware: Glass Depots provides a three (3) year warranty, from the date of installation, on all hardware.

Insulated Glass (IG): Glass Depots provides a five (5) year manufacturer’s warranty, on glass only, for Insulated Glass (IG) products.  The warranty commences from the date of manufacture.  Installing window film on the IG product will void the warranty.  Labor to install an IG is warrantied for a period of one (1) year; thereafter, it will be billed at the current labor rate.

Bi-Fold Doors: Glass Depots provides a one (1) year workmanship warranty, a ten (10) year warranty on the glass, a ten (10) year warranty on hardware, and standard aluminum finishes with a three (3) year warranty on anodized finishes.

Terms & Conditions

During the specified warranty period, Glass Depots, Inc., at its sole option, will repair or replace, any product that it determines to be defective under normal use and service. The repair or replacement is the exclusive remedy under this warranty. This limited warranty does not apply to any product which has been tampered with, altered in any way, or which has been subjected to misuse, neglect, negligent handling, or accident. This limited warranty is extended to and may be enforced only by the initial purchaser of products from Glass Depots, Inc. and is not transferrable. For Bi-Fold door hardware and finishes, Glass Depots is not liable for deteriorated goods used in extreme climates such as coastal or marine environments.

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